About me

I’m a French software developer living in Luxembourg and working with MakerX.

I left France in 2015 to join the amazing team at Readify (now Telstra Purple) in Sydney, Australia. After 3+ years of consulting, I joined the internal IT team where I learned about PowerShell, systems administration and automation, and user support. I then pivoted back to software development, and I spent 18 months as a Technical Lead where my team was in charge of the internal applications used by the business.

In 2021, I joined Prospa, a company specialised in loans to small businesses. There, I helped create .NET project templates to make bootstrapping new projects easier and consistent. I also liaised with the Platform team to create reusable build and deployment pipelines with a balance between technical and security requirements from the Platform team, and ease of use for the various development teams.

At the end of 2021, my partner and I decided to move back to France and take a break from work to reconnect with friends and families.

After a year-long break (time fliiiies), I joined MakerX at the end of 2022. At the time of writing this, it hasn’t been long, but it’s been extremely fun so far.


If you want to get in touch, ask questions or give me suggestions, you can find me on Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn.